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In Memorium
Bluette Meloney passed away on Sunday, June 4, 2017.
This website will remain open as a tribute to an extraordinary lady, artist and teacher.

Bluette Meloney is a nationally acclaimed IGMA Artisan in Faux Finishes. Her out-of-the-ordinary designs incorporate realistic faux finishes and trompe-l'oeil painting techniques to give an illusion of reality. She also makes distinctive hand-painted furniture.

"Faux finishes are part of the magic of decorative painting," Bluette says. "You can use them to create incredibly unique effects and to embellish architectural details and furnishings. They add a sense of fun and fantasy to a scene."

Her work reflects many styles of architecture and historical periods. Designs range from Classic facade and Dutch Vermeer to American Gothic, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. She works exclusively in 1:12 scale.

The Miniature Renerings of Bluette Meloney For Sale

The Miniature Renderings of Bluette Meloney was published in the fall of 2013. Authored by Rhona T. Lee, it is a 102 page photographic full-color portfolio of the majority of the structures and settings designed by Bluette.

Please visit the For Sale page to see a preview of the book and ordering details.

All images © Bluette Meloney and may not be reproduced without permission.